Director’s Statement

10171001_906081452786206_665233735778220877_nAlexander Freeman, Director

To be fully human is not only about eating, drinking, or thinking but is also about experiencing the touch of another person. This creates a connection which embodies, I not only see you but I truly feel you.  As a person with a disability myself, I too want that connection. A few years ago, one person gave me an incredible experience, unlike I had ever felt before and allowed me to explore who I am sexually. This caused me to think about the topic of sex and how people with disabilities are seen as not wanting or able to have sex at all. I also wondered why society subconsciously considers sex and disability as taboo. I knew that there had to be many people with disabilities out there who had stories of love and intimacy to share. Those stories need to be told in order to open people’s eyes to see that the need for human touch is one of the most basic of human needs.

Designed by Gabriella Iarrobino and Alexander Freeman
Maintained by Alexander Freeman
© 2012 The Last Taboo Documentary All Rights Reserved.


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